Easy Bookkeeping

Chantoms Q makes bookkeeping fun and essay no matter where you are.


What we do

We provide an easier means to your business bookkeeping. Easier to understand and work with. Chantomsq is designed to be accessible and affordable to anyone who needs a bookkeeping application.

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Chantomsq is all about simplicity in achieving its goals. Easy UI interface to use- easy to understand and use.


Get to use Chantomsq on your computer, laptop, tablet, or phone anywhere and wherever you want.


Get all information about your business involving stocks, customers, suppliers, business snapshots with ease.

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Easy Business Manangement

We provide an easier means to manage your business anywhere, anytime, and wherever you want. Chantomsq is designed and developed with multiple shops in mind- easy multiple shop registrations.

Easy employee managment and roles assignment.

With Chantomsq managing an employee is easy- assigning roles is modularised meaning only the aspects that you want them to access- that they will access


We provide reports the ensure you are well informed of the business progress at any time anywhere.
The reports revolve around products, customers, suppliers, cash flow, profit and loss, balance sheets among other reports.

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